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Hi, I live about 2 and a half hours from the Fairfax store and I've heard that they sometimes post a note on the window with upcoming dates to try and grab certain GPUs. I have not been able to confirm this - but if anyone has been by the Fairfax, VA store have you seen a post on the window? If so, is there an upcoming date they expect 3080s? I know this would be unusual for Microcenters to post anything like that, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try and verify it. I'm happy to drive up the night before and camp out any night this week or next weekend to get an early place in line in the morning and I'm not picky about which 3080 models, if any, they end up having in stock. If anyone can confirm if there's a posting at the store or not, I would hugely appreciate it. If there was an easier way for me to check, I certainly would.


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    Hello, as our Community staff is not located in a store, we are unable to promise or guarantee a delivery date of items. Items are shipped in periodically to each Micro Center location.

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