Exchange policy, closeout, bent pins not labelled correctly.

I have a breif question, if someone there has anytime answer. Yesterday I bought an open box Motherboard with bent pins. I knew what I was getting into and have plenty of experience dealing with bent pins.

When I got home, I got the CPU socket up to spec, and went to assemble the machine. Gave it breif power to see if it would post. Nothing, I investigated further, after removing the covers from the M.2 drive slots I could clearly see liquid damage and corrosion.

I singed up for bent pins, not water damage. What is the policy here? It is a closeout motherboard marked for bent pins l, not water damage. The socket looks emaculate by the way. Crappy situation, I intended to use this with a 9900k I have had laying around for some time, to hold me over till the fall when the 12th Gen intel is released.  Really nice Motherboard too.

Im not looking for a refund but I would rather exchange it for something else.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Ty.


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