Availability of 30 Series cards in Tustin

Does anyone know if any 30 series cards are still being stocked at the Tustin location? I see that there’s the voucher procedure, and that some graphics cards are being delivered, but since I live 2 hours away I don’t want to drive all the way there and MC employees laugh like “you thought we had 30 series?! XD get out of here kid” 

Seeing as 30 series cards basically don’t exist online, I was wondering if MC is still getting some 30 series, if any at this point. 

Also, has anyone here actually bought a graphics card using the voucher system? I haven’t seen anyone confirm that they purchased a card through this voucher system, and the last thing I want is to take a day off work to try and fix my PC, only to find out I’m just a gullible sucker who got tricked into visiting a computer store 


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Hello, as our Community staff is not located in a store, we are unable to promise or guarantee a delivery date of items.

    We receive shipments periodically to each Micro Center location.

  • LoudFart

    I just went to microcenter(Tustin) this morning to try to get a GPU. There are people who have been camping out side since last night because they had pizza boxes from pizza hut (Pizza Hut closes at 10 pm). All of them are most likely scalpers because how can you be employed and be camping outside of microcenter. It was obvious that they all knew each other already. No one left the line because they were not able to get the GPU that they wanted. Tustin need to up limit of GPU purchase to a year because they would still be out of stock regardless. Because I saw a guy paying his brother and sister so they can purchase the GPUs in the parking lot. The IRS and cops investigate those people in line because I bet some of them are collecting unemployment benefits.

  • LoudFart

    Also, can anyone tell why all the people in line for a gpu at Microcenter do not wear masks and talk to each in close together circles? Either people who camp out of microcenter do not believe in covid or they scalping enough to the point they do not need to wear mask near each other.

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