What is your favorite Micro Center moment?


We've all been there. Maybe you found something great for a low price, maybe you found exactly what you were looking for, tucked away on a shelf. Or maybe you just found Micro Center!

Either way, we all have that Micro Center moment that stands out, clear as day.

What was yours?


  • This was basically the best day of my life.
  • Crager
    I found this little usb powered Christmas tree in May. I did not get it but man I should have. It was the coolest thing and it was my first time at Microcenter. I loved going after that but still never found another usb Christmas tree. 
  • MysterClark

    Might sound lame but my favorite Micro Center moment was after I discovered the store existed and the first time I went to go check it out. I didn't know there was a store like it and I was amazed at all of the cool stuff they had. I was a kid in a toy store again.

  • alexvanpelt

    I met Mark Cuban while shopping for hard drives around 2008 in the Dallas store. It was definitely a surreal experience as it was completely random! He was very nice about it too!

  • My moment comes from 1995. My first time PC gaming was at the original Micro Center in Upper Arlington on Lane Avenue. I was 10. While my parents were shopping, I found a display PC with Dark Forces loaded up. I spent all of 20 minutes playing right there on the sales floor, but I spent days replaying that game in my head. I knew then and there that I wanted a PC of my own, and thus began a life-long passion. Today, I game on a self-built rig with parts I bought at Micro Center, always trying to recapture the magic I felt playing that Star Wars game all those years ago. 
  • ga0358

    This is a moment that happens every time I go to my Microcenter! There's a salesman at the Marietta GA location I met 30 years ago when i first started building PCs. He helped my brother and I find a SCSI cable or something. Nerdy little fella with a mustache and heartwarming smile. We called him "the Happy Man" because he was always smiling and so friendly, Always had a little chuckle when you spoke with him. He was always there too, I'd love to go there just to talk to "Happy Man!" As far as I know, "Happy Man: is still there, smiling and chuckling. He knows every part in that store too. I hope Microcenter management is aware of this wonderful gentleman and what he means to the store!

  • David60613
    I thought you'd never ask!  After a bad storm the power was out. One employee would take a customer in with a flashlight to go find what they came for. receipts were on paper and the charge showed up the next day. it was one of the most personal experiences I've had. Thank you  for taking care of your customers regardless of having power in an electronics store 😊
  • DaWeeOos
    Camping out overnight for 15 hours. But i was able to get a 3070 which is awesome. The whole experience was fun and i met cool people in line.
  • Kuhill123
    My most favorite moment would have to be after six days of trying to get the RTX 3080 finally getting one. Regardless of all the nonsense that happened with people running scams to cutttinf lines to 1 person buying multiple if not all GPUs at one time it was well worth the wait. And the second I told their customer service what happened they made sure I left with a 3080 the last time I went. Although I think I’ve left that store disappointed or angry more than happy they still go above and beyond to try and make sure things are right
  • Admin_Media

    My favorite time in a microcenter was also my first, so i've decided not to go back to my old job an to start building computers for a living ....made this choice after being out of the computer building scene for 10 yrs and come back to a GPU & CPU Shortage. but i'm determined so i decided to go to Micro Center on April 12 to get a 3070. got there at 6Am had a great time with people like me in the line just wanting to get a new GPU for there builds.. An micro center in cambridge was very civil except for one person that tried to show up at 8 an jump in middle of the line....Micro center employees took care of this issue, the rest of the experience was great. just the excitement in the air was worth the wait not to mention the great customer experience. so when i got to the head of the line i was # 67 i was unable to get my 3070 but i was able to get the last 3060ti too replace my R9 270.... an ill have to wait for my MSI 3070 Gamers X an when i get some sponsors or some extra cash being unemployed atm. i wanna get the new MSI MPG CORELIQUID K Series AIO an make a video about it ...an i must say i loved the work an time that micro center puts into helping its customers get what they need an doing it fairly .... i wouldn't go anywhere else now after being to Micro Center & seeing how they treat there customers... TY FOR PUTTING Graphics Cards In the Hands of Gamers.

  • AlexS

    I think my favorite Micro Center moment was the first time I stopped by back in 2011. I never even heard of the store and they were selling refurbished Xbox 360s for only $150. I saw all the crazy amount of computer parts and pre-built gaming PCs. This was back when they had that old blue/greenish theme for their website (lol) and was also around the time the Battlefield 3 Alpha released and my PC at the time died. I had been waiting for this Alpha forever and played 2 days before my PC crapped out.

    I couldn't afford a full build so I ended up buying an Xbox 360 and played the crap out of Battlefield 3 until I rejoined the PC community later in 2013. :)

    Micro Center has since been the forefront of any electronic purchases I've made since. \o/

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Probably my first visit to the store in Columbus. It was like "wow, I'm really glad I don't live closer cause I'd be here shopping constantly", which is a good thing....but also a bad thing.

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