Im wondering about the employees and management at the Tustin CA store


I've been a customer of Micro Centre for about 20 years. Been spending money at the Tustin store tuff for the last 2 years, mostly online, mostly because of covid. So when I finally got the opportunity to get out without the craziness, I decided to do some shopping in-store for a change, and I'm sorry I did. Its NO WONDER why amazon, ebay, and the other online retailers are eating your lunch. The customer service I received from your employees, mostly the checkers and online orders desk. The old lady working at the register just wanted to bark orders instead of answer 1 question I had for her, even though she was just standing there milking company time, also some dude that just stands there eyeballin me, no mask on, just a real piece of work. Honestly, I give your brick and mortar shop a year. Anyways, I get to the register, and purchase my 300 bucks worth of over priced items, kid at the register just actin like a douche bag. I shook my head and left, realizing that my favorite electronics store has gone the way of the rest of everyone's favorite stores. The fish rots from the head down, folks. Corporate doesnt give a shit bout nothing but the bottom line, your money. Used to be they would offer better SERVICE, better PRICES, better TREATMENT, better support. SMH, not anymore.

Im awaiting your pre programmed, BOT response, or just my post being deleted.


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