Bought new computer- power spec G288 on Sunday 4/25- Power cord/cable missing, Window 10 missing

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I am writing this message for I just bought a computer from a Micro Center in Denver on Sunday of this week. However, when I open the box, power cable/cord is missing, no papers/instructions in the box, Window 10 sticker or license is missing- now telling me you need to activate the window but I don't have the license or keys. Wifi adapter/antenna is missing as well. I am able to get USB Wifi Adapter at local Walmart here.

I contacted the Micro Center through email because there is no phone that I can call directly, somebody send me a link to download so that I can extract or get OEM key windows 10 but it didn't work, I emailed them back, but no response to this day. I haven't heard anything either email or ?? to see if they will send me power cable or cord.

The problem is that there is no number the I can call and to somebody directly, other than email back and forth. Does anybody know how I can contact somebody at Micro Center Denver other than email and solve these issues.

Thank you,



  • TSTDavey

    Hello @ytot and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Sorry you are having issues with the Powerspec. You an reach a tech support rep at 800-490-5536.

    Can you provide us the reference number off you receipt? We can look up your order and help you troubleshoot.

  • ytot

    Thank you,

    it is power spec with serial number: G228032152284

    The reference number on my receipt is CL0314448

    I just need the power cord/cable and Window 10 license number/keys

    Thank you for you help

  • TSTDavey

    Hello @ytot looks like a request for the store to call you was made Monday afternoon the 26th. The store will have to provide you both. It does take 24-48 hours for the store to follow up. If you do not receive a call back today let us know.

    We're also not sure how far you are from the store, but if you are able to come back to the store, they can get you the cord and a key, otherwise if you are far and what shipping; then you're looking at delays due to shipping in getting the cord and key.

    Sorry you are having these issues, but if you are able to come back to the store, that would provide more of an immediate resolution.

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