Graphics Card for Dell T5600 with Miracast

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I have a refurbished Dell T5600 that runs Windows 10. I am wanting to add a graphics card that will allow me to use miracast. The computer is primarily used for work. Is there a graphics card you would recommend?


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    Hello @BullKitty and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Almost any graphic card can work with miracast. Now if your are planning to do some heavy video game streaming, than you'll need a graphic card to handle the video games not miracast.

    You could go with a GTX 1660 Ti or a RX 580 or a 2070.

  • BullKitty

    Good morning @TSTDavey ,

    Thank you for your response last night. I looked up the GPUs you recommended and they all seem to be gaming related. I am using my PC primarily for work, and don't really watch movies with it (sometimes I'll stream a ball game while I work) but I'm not looking for the robust capabilities of a gaming GPU.

    Listening to your advice I did more digging with the NVIDIA Quadro 600. I found great articles about using 2.4 Ghz wifi and another article guiding me through indicators to look for through various reports. All those systems were a go, but it still was not working.

    I contacted NVIDIA this morning, and LSS - NVIDIA does not support Miracast.

    I'd recommend changing your advice to NVIDIA GPUs will not Miracast.

    Does MicroCenter offer work-abled GPUs or are you focused on the gaming market? I don't know the ins and outs of computers which is why I'm seeking help. I'm looking for a GPU under $200 that will work with a Dell computer box and CPU.

    My apologies for sounding like a Richard in this email, but I am a little frustrated at your answer for not listening to my ask.


    Alright, what you needs depends on your work, but from what it sounds like, you could buy something like the GT 710. It is cheap, and fairly good. $69

  • TSTDavey

    @BullKitty my apologies for the confusion.

    You had mentioned miracast and adding a graphic card, I wrongfully assumed you were needing the GPU for video games.

    I'm sorry I did not fully understand what you are trying to do.

    Yes I am finding out certain Nvidia cards no longer support Miracast with windows; although it used to be supported.

    For the DeLL T5600 which looking up the specs, it may have the Quadro K4000 GPU by Nvidia in it and it probably doesn't work with miracast; as to why you came to our forum for a legitimate answer from us.

    It seems that Intel integrated graphics seems to work best with miracast now. As of now Intel doesn't have single graphical processing unit, but they are coming out with a GPU later this year.

    You may have to look at the alternatives or programs that work similar to miracast that can work with your Dell and nvidia graphic cards.

    Mirror display software like Squirrels Airparrot, ApowerMirror or Microsoft's EasyCast all works similar to Miracast and works with nvidia.

    Another option to connect your Dell T5600 to your TV is using a VGA male to HDMI male adapter. You can hardwire your Dell to your TV, assuming you are wanting to show your Dell T5600 display on your TV.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Again I apologize for the confusion and frustration.

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