Newbie to building


Hi all, I'm new to the forums and also new to building a computer. So, sometime last year, when my hard drive was starting to fail on my old desktop, I decided to once again go over the pros and cons of build your own versus getting a prebuilt. At that time, I decided to go build your own and started researching how to do it, what parts I needed, and buying several of those parts. Now, I've gotten some of my parts from my local Houston Microcenter (including a hard to find at the time 5800x after my stimulus came in) and now all I need is a rtx 3070 that's within my budget and a copy of windows 10 (that I'll get from a friend that works at microsoft's friends and family link). Haven't been able to sit down at the line because of other commitments yet. Currently, my old school laptop is what's supporting me through this time. However, it can't run my fave MMO, Final Fantasy 14.

On a non-computer note, I'm a big anime/manga, Egyptology, and YA fantasy novel nerd, so I'm more than going to talk an ear off if you mention them.


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