Big screwups on open box items



I just picked up a huge order today from the Patterson store. I started taking everything apart when I got home and found that both of the open box items I purchased were incorrect...

The ram I ordered was 2x 8GB GSkill TridentZ Neo 3600 RGB for $99.96

Instead I got 2x 8GB GSkill Ripjaws 3200 which is $88.99 new and I can get them for less than $60 on ebay used.

The motherboard I ordered was one of 2 open box ones that were available.

ASUS B550M-A PRIME AC PS AMD AM4 microATX Motherboard for that was supposed to be complete $95.96

I got the other one that is still in stock in that listing that is $83.96 that is missing the IO shield, which is sort of important...

I am beyond furious. Not only did I get the wrong items, but I got a downgrade on both that I now overpaid on and now need to wait on building something that I was absolutely ecstatic for... I normally don't care about minor mistakes. If the ram were the same speeds I probably would have shrugged it off, but they are completely different in all aspects but DDR standard. The motherboard also I was going to probably get open box since it meets my needs, but I was expecting to have the shield in there which is why I payed for the more expensive one.

I specifically went to you guys because I thought that something like this wouldn't happen... guess I was wrong. Now is there any way I can send the items back and get the correct ones shipped to me? I live over an hour away and don't feel like taking that trip again for the exchange on an item that was messed up on the order...




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