GPU restock in rockville Maryland


I am yet another person willing to wait outside microcenter for hours just to get a hold of an rtx 3070. If stores open at 10 am then when should I get there? 2 hours early, 3 hours early? Also what days do Rockville Maryland restock on GPU's?


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    Greetings. We have seen most customers are going to the store before it opens to see if we have received shipments. Most often we seem to receive shipments on the weekdays. I'm unable to promise when we'll be receiving any new shipments or offer when to expect a shipment will be delivered, but it seems that most have success going in the morning before we open.

  • 4424

    I have the same question about line up times. Did you ever go and get one? I want a 3090.

  • TS_JosephF

    Each store would receive shipments in at different times of day. I would recommend checking with the sales/management staff at your local store. For example, here at Columbus Micro Center, the sales team will let everyone know we usually get shipments around 1 PM Monday through Friday. Quantities cannot be disclosed until the truck arrives.

    I personally arrived at the store around 8:30 am on a Wednesday. I was about 25th in line. After waiting until 1 PM, a sales consultant came outside and informed all of us of what GPUs they had in stock. By this time there were probably 70 people in line. They only received 10 of the 30 series cards and they were all the 3060s. I got the 2nd to last 3060, luckily many of the people in front of me were waiting for a 3080 or 3090 so they stepped out of line.

    Keep in mind. this was just my experience. I have some friends that were able to walk into the store at 1 PM and buy one off the shelf because the store received so many GPUs in that day. 😒

    It all depends on how many or what GPUs we receive that day and how many people are determined enough to camp outside the store. I do know that many of the people in front of me waited overnight although it is not encouraged by management.

    At the end of the day, I was at least able to get my hands on a 30 series card. Even though it was the model I wanted the least, I am SO happy I did not leave the store empty handed that day.

    Good luck to you all on getting a 30 series card!

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