Finally Decided to Make A Community Account


Hey all,

I'm Stefan out of Alpharetta, Georgia, moved here about 3 years ago. I felt incredibly lucky since I have 2 Microcenters Equidistant to me. Though I always have been spoiled with having access to computer parts wherever I lived (my house in NJ was 15 minutes away from NewEgg's Distro Center in Edison, so I could pick up my orders within an hour of ordering), I came to truly love what you guys do at Microcenter.

I'm 40 years old, Married, 2 pugs, and spend nearly 16 hours of a given day at my computer running business stuff or social media or gaming.

I just recently had all 3 fans on my 980ti fail, but brought it back from the dead with new fans, and replaced all the thermals and a better thermal paste in general, now it's running like the day I got it nearly 6 years ago now.

I've been dabbling in the idea of waiting in line in the morning to get a new video card, as I've been trying a million different ways since they launched with no success. So that will be interesting.

Other than that, I'm a photographer, content creator, business owner of an art business with my wife, and content manager for my dog Philomena the Pug.

I've always browsed and lurked in these boards, but today was the day I decided to actually join!

Here is pug tax for having to read all of that. Penny on the left, Philomena on the right

And here is RGB TAX


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