Price changes for "no longer carried items"


I've been looking at a certain laptop for about 5 months probably. At first the store near me had it and it came at a really good price but I couldn't get it either time it came up. One day I checked it and saw it said "No longer carried" which I was a bit sad by. I decided to change my store location to shippable and to see what'd it say and it said the price was at $450. $100 down from the OG price it was set at. I check it again today and it's now at $350. Is there a reason for this to keep happening despite all store locations saying it's no longer carried?

Side question, does no longer carried mean it will never ever be carried again or is there an off-chance it could come up again?


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @Supra and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Shippable items are items sold from our online shipping warehouse and not the store. Shipping warehouse costs are the same as store prices for items.

    In your scenario, the item you are looking for is not carried in the store, but the item maybe available via our online shipping warehouse. And online shipping items cannot be shipped to stores, BTW.

    If the price has gone down for merchandise, its due to MC is attempting to sell the product, reduce that item's inventory.

    Sometimes items that show "no longer carried", are restocked, but we have no way of knowing if or when an item may be carried again.

  • Supra
    Supra ✭✭
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Comment

    I checked and across all stores it says "No longer carried" and it isn't available via shipping but at the same time it says its available in-store. Thank you for your response though.

  • TSKyleH

    Hello @Supra, I am sorry for the confusion this has caused, instore only items will not be available for shipping. We have the same price reduction in cases where items are open box, we will generally continue lowering the price to get it to sell. Once all stores are sold out not carried items will eventually be removed from our website unless we expect to receive them again.

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