Displaying an Android APP on a monitor where no WIFI is available

edited June 2021 in General Discussion

I want to use an Android APP in a public Park where no WIFI is available. Then I want to display the output on a monitor, using it sort of like a scoreboard. I purchased a Lenovo TB-X606 to run the APP thinking I would connect it to the monitor via a HDMI cable. First, I was told I would need a USB-c to HDMI adapter. I bought one only to be told later by Lenovo that the tablet did not output a video signal to the USB-c port. The port is only used for charging. Now Lenovo say's they do not sell a tablet with a video output port. They say "maybe a chromebook would work. But I can't find any spec.s for a chromebook that say it has a video output port.

Help? What do I need?


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