New PC Stuttering severely, causing issues with booting.


Hi there!

I just recently bought a new PC from micro center. It was an open box special, so perhaps that's why I'm having the issues I'm having, but the issue is like nothing I've experienced before, and I'm pretty experienced with computers.

It seems about 80-90% of the time that I boot my PC up, it will do this thing for the entire day unless I restart it and manage to get a "good restart/start" we'll call it.

What it does, is it stutters/screen tears. My image freezes, and input freezes, and I hear an audible crackle. It lasts for about 250-500ms (.25/.5 sec), and happens every 1-3 seconds. As you can imagine, to say it is incredibly irritating would be a massive understatement. It causes everything I'm doing to stutter, playing games, watching videos, anything.

After attempting some diagnostics today, I've also discovered that it seems to cause issues with booting. When my PC boots I can immediately tell if it is stuttering, because the loading dots that move in a circle will be visibly stuttering. And here's the catch 21; most of the time if I try to restart to fix the stuttering, and it stutters on the next boot, it will freeze in the boot process. If I hard restart my PC by holding the power button, and then start it again, 10-20% of the time it will start normally without stuttering seemingly at random. It then will immediately boot quickly like normal, and have no stuttering until I turn it off and start it again the next day.

I've tried researching online but everything that I read talks about processes stuttering (eg: games), not constant stuttering on the desktop.

Here's everything that I've tried already:

Update gfx drivers

Update all other drivers (processor, audio, everything in device manager one by one)

Install windows updates

Launch in safe mode (does not change anything, typically machine will not even boot into safe mode if stuttering)

Virus scan

I may have tried other things but this is all I can remember.

The only thing I can think of that could somehow be affecting this, is that I installed my old hard drives and ssds from old machine, and my old boot drive was being read for a day, and then the next restart it disappeared from my machine (presumably because of weak sata connection and stuffing it into a tight space in my machine)

I definitely can't live with this issue, and I really hope I dont have to do a warranty replacement or something, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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