Video card recent purchase how to file warranty through Microcenter?

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Few weeks ago got myself an MSI 3080 Ventus OC from Microcenter. Been putting this card through the paces and while stress testing my system noticed the VRam temps hit 102 degrees after just a few minutes. As the TJmax I believe is 110 degrees I am very worried. Read about how some of the 3080s did not have their heatsinks installed correctly and would fix it myself but rather not. I purchased the extended warranty through microcenter and would like to use it but considering the video card shortage we are in not sure how this will play out. Don't want to give it up just yet as having fun for the time being testing it out but rather exchange it for another one or an EVGA FTW3 as I read EVGA did a good job applying the thermal pads compared to other companies. What are my options besides out right return which I do dont want to do right now.



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