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Microcenter please understand how to make money.

Your current system of getting a GPU is only obtainable for scalpers and miners. Because employed people do not have to time to wait in line to build a new computer. Up the time to purchasing a another GPU to like a 6 month to year (I am looking at you Tustin).

Scalpers and Miners are only there for GPUs and they are not buying your current overstock of CPU, motherboard, ram, and power supplies. Microcenter are losing a lot of potential profit from sales with your first come and first methods.

You should be focus on pleasing the people who work a 9 to 5 jobs because they are a stable income meaning they will supply Microcenter with a staple profits for the foreseeable future. Versus building loyal on scalpers and miners who are only there buying GPUs because a trend not last forever.

Example of a raffle system:

Just have people come in the store anytime during the week to enter a raffle. Ask them for a ID and credit card to sign up for the ruffle to specific GPUs that they looking buy.

Then email the winners of the GPUs to come and purchase their GPU within a weeks. This way they will come in during store hours where you can try selling other new computer components. Versus people coming in and out just to buy a GPU.


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