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I am new to building PC. I am not into gaming but need a high performance desktop computer with hyper-v to run some linux applications under VM. I need at-least 10+ cores of CPU juice. So I selected AMD 9 5950X CPU but I am not sure about other parts. I would appreciate some help if any of you pros can look at this build and provide your feedback. My budget is ~2k. I do not need GPU/monitor/mice/keyboards and all those other jazz etc. Thank you in advance.

Thank you!


  • TS_JosephF

    Hello @Mr__Wolf__

    Welcome to the Micro Center community!

    All of the parts you selected look like they will make a great Hyper-V Server. Here are a few suggestions I have:

    1) You may want to consider getting another pair of the 16 GB RAM sticks you selected. Although 32 GB will likely do you just fine for now (depending on how many VMs you are running at once). Since you have a 16-core CPU, you could consider adding this pair as it would give you another pair of dual-channel memory, which can certainly improve the performance of the VMs. Especially if they are running a memory heavy application. Having 64 GB of RAM would allow you to allocate 4 GB of RAM per CPU core, as opposed to just 2 GB per core.

    2) I noticed you also selected a 2.5" SATA SSD and not a 2nd M.2 SSD. Which is perfectly fine. It would be a matter of preference. If you plan on running your VMs on the 2.5" SSD, then you should consider installing a 2nd M.2 SSD instead. The board you selected has 2 M.2 slots. It would run the VMs quite a bit faster this way. Especially when it comes to the initial setup, boot times, starting up applications, etc.

    3) The case you selected does not actually support a 240mm AIO. I switched the case to a Lian Li 205M. It is around the same price, and supports a 240mm AIO on the front and top of the case.

    To keep it within your $2,000 budget, you do not have to add another pair of RAM right now. In the future if you wanted to upgrade or improve the performance of the server, then that would be where you want to start.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions on this or need any other suggestions.

  • Mr__Wolf__
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    Thank you. This was very helpful. I will go with second M.2 SSD. I'm okay with slow start up of the application or VM but once started I want it to run as fast as possible. There isn't much difference in price between 2.5 SATA SSD vs M.2 so that's a great suggestion. I am okay with 32GB of RAM for now but in future, yes, I will consider to add more RAM if I need it. I selected NZXT because they have great reviews but thanks for selecting an appropriate case. My main concern now is the motherboard and cooling since this computer will be working at-least 8-12 hours a day. The water cooling I have selected, is it good enough for this workhorse CPU?

  • Mr__Wolf__
    edited May 2021

    How does one buy this and have it built without going to the store first? I live 60 mins drive from a local store. I would like to speak with someone over the phone before going to the store. It seems Microcenter makes it hard to speak with someone over the phone at the local store. The national number is not helpful as no one from local store ever calls back. I am struggling to buy this from microcenter for past 3 days without much help.

  • Ian
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    Build services with limited availability items have to be set up in store. The items would have to be picked up and paid for, and then it can be dropped off for service in store.

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