How does the GPU sale process work in Tustin?

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For a past couple of months, a guy and a group of 15 to 20 people have formed a kinda gang to scalp and prevent other people to buy GPU. They would make death and threat of harm if you try to get in line before them. They have been using service application to pay other people to buy gpu for them using their ID.

Management just expecting this situation.

Should we be forming our own gang of 20 people just to buy a GPU?


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    Greetings. These concerns like these were brought up to us back in April, and we have long since given them to Tustin store management. As far as I'm aware these concerns should have been addressed then, and we have not seen these concerns recently. If this type of thing has started again recently, we can absolutely follow up with our Tustin store management about it. When was the last time you were at the store location? Can you confirm if anything has happened recently?

  • LoudFart

    Honestly, I just notice the same people(15-20) in front of line each time that I have off day from work to get a GPUs. I rather not confront those people about and possible lose my job just for GPU. Also they do not wear masks so I do not talk those kind of people. At this point, I am better of waiting for the next generation of GPUs and hope supply improves at that point. Based on GPU performance and pricing, I would not be getting the best value out of my gpu if I do not get it with the 1st year. Due to the next generation being a year away.

  • LoudFart
    On my next off day, I will take a picture of the infamous line of empty quad chairs belong to the calling dip on the first 15 spots in line. I can try to get video (audio only) confronting the individuals if you more proof.
  • I look forward to hearing an update but also if we take away the "gang" scenario in this post I am genuinely interested in "How does the GPU sale process work in Tustin?" If anyone has made it successfully through this practice can they share their experience?

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