Updates on the pilot program at Fairfax and Houston


If a pilot program working or is not working. People have been saying the the list is full.

I am guessing the demand is to high to handle.

A weekly raffle that everyone has to enter every week would be most fair that this point of time.

Scalpers would likely not be able drag family, friends, or even pay someone every week to get addition tickets into the pool. Statistically, raffling give GPU to people who do not have one. Because first come first serve would most like give cards to the same people.

Currently, the same people who are always first in line will always buy out top end GPU because the give the biggest return in resale. Scalper are the only ones who are buy the top end GPUs.

A giving a GPU to someone who does have one yet would increase sales because they would need to buy new components to match their new GPU. Example, I waiting on a new gpu to buy more storage and ram.

The randomness of a raffle would discourage scalping and increase Microcenter bottom line.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @LoudFart and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. We appreciate you sharing your experiences with the piloted GPU process. We will take your comments and share with the appropriate division within Microcenter.

  • LoudFart

    Sorry, I am just tired of same people just professionally camp outside of Microcenter to buyout the entire stock of top-end GPU. After they buy the card, they would just sell it on ebay. Then they start camping outside of Microcenter again.

  • clementk
    You can only buy 1 GPU every month so not sure how someone will buy out all the stock. There are a lot of people willing to wait over night if your not willing to I guess just wait? 
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