im stumped

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so i installed my new 970 pro 1tb ssd about the start of may with a new fresh install of windows , playing mainly tarkov and I noticed I was getting slight stuttering while moving my mouse fast, I didn't think anything of it until I got back into rust, it is unbearable how badly it stutters on there, but while discord is up it stutters, and if i disable screen overlay or if i just don't load discord, its not as bad, but you can notice micro-stutters, and there is no f-ing way a 4-year-old quad-core with 1070 can run discord and be better than an 2070 with an i9-9900k, so unless discord is my main problem i decided to switch to my old ssd its some random ssd, but with the same ssd which had all my old stuff on it, it still had the same bad stuttering or micro-stuttering, and unless I'm missing the elephant in the room here i dont know what to do, so I'm thinking of bringing my computer in to the Dallas location, do you think they can resolve my problem or do you think i can do it myself?, the only possible thing is that maybe my bios is screwed up, but this only occurred after i installed my new ssd, but my graphics card was pulled from a pre-built that before this graphics card had a corrupted one so i sent it back and got a new one, my only nerv- is that the graphics card is corrupted again, but not nearly as bad.


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