Ethernet drivers gone and can't download new ones

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i just bought a new cpu and motherboard from microcenter

MB: MSI Z590 pro wifi

CPU: Intel i7 11700k

installed them yesterday with no issue but having no internet drivers to be able to connect to the internet and download all the new drivers i need so had a friend download the internet drivers on a USB stick and downloaded them to my computer and the wifi one work fine and was able to connect to the internet via wifi. But then when i went to download the drivers for my ethernet port i keep getting a error about not having ethernet drivers already so i went searching and found the intel(r) ethernet or gigabit connection whatever its called from the intel website but everytime i try to download them it gives me the same error saying i dont have a ethernet driver which i know its the whole reason i looked for a new ethernet driver to download entirely but still gives me the same error and cannot use my ethernet port which my PC is for gaming and much rather use my stable ethernet connection to game rather then my spotty wifi at home

the photo shows the error message that pops up when i try to download the intel network drivers which tells me to download the intel ethernet driver package which i found but when i download that it gives me the same error.


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