HOW TO level your 3d printer (the quick way)

AlexPasseno Store Associate
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Everyones heard of the paper leveling test, its tedious and due to different thicknesses of paper (and the paper wearing down after multiple levels) can be inaccurate, anymore its alot more convenient and once you get the hang of it, more accurate to eyeball level your print bed!

To do this all you have to do is home the printer, shut it off, get eye level with the print bed, and move the bed so it juuuuuuust touches the nozzle, from there you want to lower the bed untill you see the slightest sliver of light (petg maybe 2x this amount) wash rinse repeat and you should have a level bed! (do note that this works best with beds with a matte finish or are lighter in color, doing this on mirror stock can be a pain but not nearly as much as paper leveling.

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