HOW TO diagnose print bed adhesion issues

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are your prints not sticking to the bed? warping in the corners? or even just popping off halfway through the print 9.5/10 you need to re-level your bed!

See my bed leveling guide on an easy and reproduce able bed level method however that isn't always the issue, especially with warping

outside of the bed not being close enough to the nozzle you do have to worry about temperatures, and that can change with any material (and yes the same material from different brands may even need tweaking) and generally best to talk to the vendor for proper bed temp settings and from there bump up your temperature 5-10 degrees every failed print, but you can also run into issues with the bed temp being too high, with pla when the bed temp is too high it'll start to warp up in the corners.

another factor could be the external environment, typically this only comes to be an issue with ABS Nylon PC or other high temperature materials, but you want to always make sure your printer is in a room that's not too cold and doesn't have any kind of drafts blowing on it, if you this isn't an option for you look into picking up an enclosure (sku 137018) .

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