Rtx 30 series Brooklyn store availability

Hello im going to be in new york for one week and i would like to know if anyone knows when are athe delivery days for the 30series and a what time i need to be there , coming from florida where theres not microcenter i think this would be my best shot to get one.


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Hello, as our Community staff is not located in a store, we are unable to promise or guarantee a delivery date of items. Items are shipped in periodically to each Micro Center location.

  • K20voigt
    Got it. , any input from customers would be appreciated 
  • K20voigt
    Nobody bought a 30series card from this store before?? need to know what is a good day to go there and camp and what time please :/ 
  • TSTDavey

    @K20voigt just chiming in. Brooklyn store Community Users may share their experiences, but we (Microcenter) , recommend to come to the store and speak with the BYO staff. Sometimes the delivery times and dates can change each week. And to identify the best days 3000 series cards will be in the store, its best to visit the store and speak with a BYO staff member.

    Good Luck.

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