Nozzles types and widths explained

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there are almost as many nozzle types as there are printers, though luckily they seem to have settled into one of two main physical types of nozzles, MK8 and E3D

an mk8 nozzle is typically pointier with an 8mm thread common on most lower cost 3d printers its cheap and reliable

an e3d nozzle is much more stout that also has an m8 thread though the threading tends to be much longer

these nozzles are interchangeable for a very short period of time just know the hotend will leak eventually and will be much more of a pain to clean up than ordering the right nozzle to begin with!

as far as sizes go you can find nozzles in diameters of everything from .1mm to 1.6mm and there are advantages and disadvantages to each spectrum, a good rule of thumb is the larger the nozzle the lower detail your prints will be BUT they will print much faster, tend to use more filament, and tend to be stronger than thinner nozzles which are the opposite

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