Nozzle materials explained

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there are quite a few different nozzle materials on the market right now but here are the most common you'll find:

Brass: its cheap! its available! has next to no wear resistance but it has superb heat transfer properties with a pretty solid machine-ability theres a reason almost every single printer will come with one Cons: not ver wear resistant and not temperature resistant enough for very high temp materials

steel: tool steel has amazing wear resistants and keeps its shape over pretty much forever! however it doesnt have the best thermal properties so one may have to retune their temp settings with this

stainless steel: food safe! (wellstill needs a stainless steel heatblock and heat tube)

plated copper: amazing thermal properties and works well with high temp materials like nylon or polycarbonate

olsen ruby: was the go to for wear resistance for the longest time as these will last pretty much forever (untill you drop it wrong at least) but nowadays people go for cheaper, easier to machine, and more reliable nozzles like steel

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