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"when in doubt magigoo it out" -Ancient DIY proverb

there are about a hundred different ways to make the print stick to your bed and save for mechanically making sure the nozzle is close enough to the bed people tend to apply additives to their print surface there are several options for this however these are the most popular

Gluestick: a classic, easy to find easy to apply, water washable for that nasty layer of gunk it leaves on your first layer of your print and doesnt hold up well to high heat

blue painters tape: this was bad when it first came around it only acts as a bandaid giving your bed a little extra material to be closer to the nozzle with, just relevel your bed to be closer to the nozzle

hair spray: least favorite by far ew gross it gets EVERYWHERE and everything gets sticky potentially damaging electronics on the printer, yes you can spray it onto a cloth and wipe it on, no it still somehow stays a mess

magigoo: a pretty recent product works very similarly to glue (though in my experience its alot more reliable than glue) but whats really great about this method is how easy it is to get stuff off the bed, just let the bed cool down walk up and pick it right up off the bed, doesnt even leave a layer of gunk, not amazing for high temp things and can admittedly get expensive.

nano polyner adhesive: this stuff is AMAZING for any high temperature piece or any stubborn material that you just cant get it to stop warping, big downside though is it can be a pain to install (requiring an acid brush and patience) and is prohibitively expensive

if you have any homebrew methods that work well for you comment them!

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