whats the deal with resin? (printers)

AlexPasseno Store Associate
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as of the last year or two resin printers have gotten incredibly accessible to the average maker, mostly due to phone lcd's becoming very common to find, and masked sla technology becoming very accessible, in a masked SLA printer there are typically 4 components, the uv lamp which is just a bunch of uv bulbs strapped to a large heatsink, an lcd screen (usually these are cheaper phone lcd's) and a vat of resin. The phone lcd will mask everything that isnt being printed, which will allow the uv light to selectively cure just what needs to be cured for that layer, which thebed will then lift up ready for the next layer. Pretty much every brand of resin printer available to hobbyists will use the exact same electronics and the exact same firmware (chitu) from the same company so there is very little difference between brand.

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