Adobe Photoshop vs Capture One


I am currently a subscriber to the adobe creative cloud and I am possibly looking to move to something that doesn't charge a monthly fee. I have heard capture one is an amazing alternative. If anyone has ever tried it, I am curious to know your thoughts on it!


  • JS_MC

    I sub to the Photography plan from Adobe and I think it's a great option for the monthly fee. However, I too would love to have a cheaper alternative!

    I've never heard of Capture One. How did you hear of it and what makes you think it might be a Lr/Ps alternative?

  • JohnMagee
    JohnMagee Store Associate
    5 Likes First Comment Name Dropper Micro Center Store Associate

    It is a great option! However, having the need for premiere makes my subscription close to $55! Capture one seems to be an industry standard for several large organizations. They specialize the software based on camera body as well. They have very similar functionality, and the color grading looks very intuitive as well. My only issue is that capture one doesn't seem to have the organization that Lightroom has!

  • JS_MC

    Interesting. Will definitely have to look into this. I'll let you know if I find it better than Lightroom.

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