I have a couple of questions if anyone can help


Its been a while since I have built a pc and they have always been AMD. I already have a nice antec atx tower case, new psu, ssd, hd. This machine will be a PVR and Plex server for starters. I could build it cheaper but I may was well build something that will last me a bit. So I am looking at the MSI B40 MAG Tomahawk Intel LGA 1200 with an i9-10850K 3.6. Two questions I can't quite sort out.1. For now, I am not interested in gamin so I have no need for high speed video and i want to be ale to convert both the onobard hdmi and display to my dvi cable for my kvm. Adapters aside, which I already use for my laptop, will this mb and cpu support dual monitors from the onboard connectors? 2. The max ddr4 is really 2933? 2666 is widely available and probably sufficient for this application but I want to make sure this is the best choice. Thanks in advance.


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