How much does it cost to get a motherboard installed into your case at Microcenter?

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So I had taken my PC to Microcenter to get it looked at as out of the blue it stopped posting to display after a couple months of working just fine, and the service technician said that my motherboard had a dead PCIE slot and unfortunately it was the one with the 16x bandwidth, so long story short I RMA'd it to Gigabyte and they apparently found nothing wrong with it (which is completely ridiculous considering I had it verified by a 3rd party in addition to testing another gpu on it). So I need to get it replaced and I honestly cant be bothered to rescrew everything by myself again as I already have done that 3 times trying to trouble shoot the system. Is it just the $79.99 price tag + whatever you pay for the motherboard? Can I take a partially built PC to them and will they put everything in for me for that price?

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