Delivery days for Marietta, GA store?


Hi all - I'm looking to join the queues at the Marietta branch for a GPU. Does anyone here know the days that deliveries are received so i can plan my timings? I spoke to one associate in the store who said deliveries were Thursday and Friday and another associate who said deliveries were on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Can anyone clarify which days Marietta receives deliveries?

Thanks in advance


  • TSKevinG

    Good morning @alibulloch

    Welcome to the micro center community. For Graphics cards there is not specific days that we get deliveries in. We are working to get them in as quickly as possible and will get shipments throughout the week but there are not specific days we would get them. To get more information on the graphics cards, we recommend coming in to the store and speak with the consultants on the graphic cards.

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