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Hello everyone! My question is I live 3 hours away from both the Marietta and Duluth store. I work as a nurse at the hospital and I can't camp like some folks can. I want to by either a 3080/3080yi/3090/6900xt. I already have my 5950x from Amazon, a PSU from a previous build and a local tower a guy had but didn't use locally. So for everything else I need and want a new widescreen or 4k monitor. I know Microcenter keeps some stock back for custom builds. If I were to buy all the parts from Microcenter to build the PC myself (I like to put my own PC together), will they allow me to buy one of those cards straight up?


  • TSKevinG

    GooD morning @Gamingnurse34

    Welcome to the MIcrocenter community. For the Graphics cards you would want to come in and speak with the consultants in store as this will depend on what they still have available there. With the high demand for the cards this can change very quickly which is why we recommend coming in ot the store.

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