Columbus Ohio, best strategy to buy a midrange GPU

edited June 2021 in Graphics Cards

I live in the Columbus area (hour and half round trip to Microcenter though) and wanted to see what is a good strategy at just buying a midrange GPU ($200-$500). In these times, it seems its best to not be picky, haha (1660, 2060, etc.). I am replacing an R7 370 (that was an XFX warranty replacement many years ago for a 5850).

How is the supply of midrange GPU's at the Columbus Microcenter?

Is everything perpetually out of stock for all cards except low end?

I realize the store opens at 10am. Certain days of week better than others, should I show up a couple hours or more before opening?

Thank you for any help for just an average joe consumer who's last "real" GPU I purchased was almost 16 years ago when I had the 8800Ultra, lol. I think I saw that card going for over $100 on ebay, it must be real bad out there!!!


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