First time caller, long time listener…

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The nearest store to me is about 2 hours away and was only recently able to make my first trip. 
It was amazing! Full Stop 🛑 Columbus, Ohio

We were on the beginning of the family vacation to Myrtle Beach when I realized we would be driving past this location. My amazing wife let us leave a little early to stop. My wife (Crystal) is the real MVP. 

On this day, the gods bestowed me the opportunity to purchase a GPU which I promptly did. In the adrenaline fueled situation I then had to use the public restroom (thanks a million!) and then couldn’t  handle window shopping knowing the card was waiting for us. Checked out and then took the card on the vacation with us. Took pictures of it like it was a part of the family 😂🤣😂

The build is, as always, evolving. We have added a second monitor and are starting to learn about streaming and OBS. There is a small chance I am in the process of building a green screen currently… know….for a friend. 

Couple pictures of the card on vacation with us;

Thanks for taking the time to look and even more thanks if you feel like leaving a comment. I used to build computers with my brother and then stopped for 10 years. I’m so happy to be back into it and cherish sharing this passion with my boys. 

“Having two boys (8 and 10) is like having two broke ass best friends that happen to think your rich” - Me

I appreciate the 30 day wait policy. They didn’t have to do that but they did. Tomorrow is Fathers Day and I think me and my boys may be making our second trip to the Columbus location. Road trip!
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