How do I make a post?

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If you're curious about where to start here in the community, you've come to the right place. We'll go over the basics of how to create a post, how to ask questions, and how to get involved in the community!

We'll go over the basics of how to make a post, how to ask questions, and how to get involved in the community!

First off, welcome to the community! We're so glad that you've joined us!

Creating a new question or discussion is fairly simple, on the right side of just about any page you'll see a New Post button.

You can create a new discussion with this button, which is located on the right side of every page.

By default, you'll be creating a new post in the category that you're currently viewing, but if you'd like to see a list of categories that you can add to, be sure to create a new discussion directly from the Home page of the community.

If you're looking to ask a question or create a poll, these can both be done from the same place.

Clicking the New Post button will give you a dropdown list of the other types of posts that you can create.

Now that you've learned about how to create a discussion or asks questions, you're all set! The best way to get involved here in the community is by interacting with other members and helping them with any questions that they may have!

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