Figuring out my PC build


Greetings. After years of delays I've started accumulating the funds to build a PC bit by bit. Especially because not all the parts will be available at once.

I have an idea what my final build to start to look like but I guess I'm looking into some second opinions.

I'm not interested in flashy lights or RGB options and only accepting them if I have absolutely no choice or they're cheaper for some bizarre reason.

I know this will cost an arm and a leg no matter what, I am trying to maintain some semblance of a budget or at least build this over the course of several months so it feels cheaper.

Thing I'm not compromising on is the processor. The motherboard I'm kind of married to but if there are better or more suitable options I'm all ears.

Everything else is otherwise fungible.

I have some leftover HDDs I can use for additional storage or temporary storage so I'm not too worried about those parts in the short or middle term.

For context I'm trying to build a gaming PC, obviously, but I'm a college student in Computer Science so I want this to be able to reasonably run most things I throw at it. I'm also an artist that uses some art software with a drawing tablet. I plan on doing some streaming but that isn't going to be a big deal or in my immediate future.


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