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Along with the CPU and GPU benchmark threads, I wanted to create one for memory as well! While I am not well versed in memory overclocking, it’s fairly well known that memory speed has a substantial impact on your system’s performance. 

For ranking memory, we’ll place the importance on latency first most. 


I’ll link to a Google Docs spreadsheet that will be updated frequently with submissions in the thread below. 


As I mentioned, I am far from an expert in this space, so if you have feedback or suggestions, please share them below!




Q) How do I get my score added to the spreadsheet?

  1. Post information and a screenshot of your Aida64 scores in this thread in the order below.
  2. Memory Read:
  3. Memory Write:
  4. Memory Copy:
  5. Memory Latency:
  6. CPU:
  7. Memory:
  8. Motherboard:


Q) Where do I download Aida64?

  1. You can download the benchmarks at the links below: 


Q) How many times can I post my scores?

  1. You can post as many scores as you like with as many different platforms as you’d like. Only the highest score you get with a specific platform will go on the spreadsheet. e.g. If you have an existing score with an Intel platform then improve your score the previous standing score would be replaced with the more recent score.


Q) How do I get a screenshot for the thread?

  1. You can take a screenshot by pressing prtscn on your keyboard or by pressing Win + Shift + S. To view your screenshot, open Paint, then you can either press ctrl+v or Paste in Paint, and the screenshot will appear in Paint. Save the file as a .jpeg somewhere you will be able to find it later. Then, simply copy and paste the saved image into a new post on this thread.

You can use the benchmark tab on the left side of the Aida64 page to fill in the trial information, however, the Aida64 software is quite useful and I'd recommend buying a license if you use it often.

Here are some simple tips I’ve learned from friends on other forums and from some of my own overclocking experiences. I hope they help you on your way to a high score!

  1. Don't have any other programs running while you are doing the benchmark. This includes temperature monitoring software and CPU-Z. If you are concerned about your temps, do one run with the monitor open to check they don’t get too high, then another run without it open.
  2. Run the tests repeatedly! Scores will vary, and sometimes a single point will be the difference between first and second place.
  3. Take your side panel off your case, open a window, or find the coldest place you can run the benchmark. Less heat + more overclock = higher scores.
  4. Run it on a fresh install if you can. Fresh installs typically have less running in the background.
  5. Don't use your 24/7 OC. Top scores will be made with overclocks that might be too hot or too unstable for everyday use.
  6. Overclock your GPU, CPU, and RAM.
  7. Higher clock speeds on your CPU are always good, but make sure your RAM is running at its full potential too. Normally, higher speed RAM with lower CL or Cas Latency is better. Get that CL down as low as possible while trying to maintain a good memory frequency.


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