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This machine may have finally failed, but I want to make sure this isn't something simple before a rebuild.

This is an ASUS P8-Z77-V with i7-3770 (3rd gen) processor, 32 GB DDR3 and Corsair ATX 750 Gold. Antec Water Cooling and Graphics card both are powered through the board. When I power it on, the post begins and the fan just starts to spin on the graphics card before everything shuts down. No LED lights lit except standby power.

I tested the following:

  1. Replaced Power Supply
  2. Pull DRAM and just ran one stick in slot B - not the issue.
  3. Pulled CPU water cooler power. Same result
  4. Pulled Graphics card.
  5. The paste on the cooler seems to be very degraded, and I had a noisy fan for a few days.

If I had to guess, the water cooler failed causing the processor to fail or the board has a fault on it. I don't see anything physically wrong with the board, it looks nice and clean. Processor does not smell burned out. Honestly I'm impressed to have gotten 10 years out of it. I just wanted to see if there is something else easy I should be looking at before I design a new system.


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