High AMD pricing and stagnant inventory


I'm curious as to the very high pricing on AMD's side of the GPU situation.

I know coming across a current gen GPU from Nvidia/AMD can be a bit problematic, but the extremely high pricing listed for AMD cards from Micro Center is concerning. I see some of these cards priced here, folks can pay similar prices (sometimes just under or just over) for scalped cards on ebay.

When Nvidia equivalent GPUs are in stock, they tend to be 10-20% cheaper in cost, compared to AMD. Why would anyone want to drop $1000 or more for a 6700XT? The 3070Ti variants are selling for the same price as the 6700XT cards. Who would seriously want to spend this kind of money on an AMD card?

When are the prices going to drop for the AMD cards to actually make them relevant in the option to purchase them? I've seen my local Micro Center store sitting on the same 6900XT cards and 6700XT cards for the past 2 weeks or more since I started paying attention. No one wants to drop that kind of money on them when Nvidia cards are going for so much less.

Are you guys getting taken over the barrel on the pricing from AIB manufacturers when it comes to AMD cards? Or are you guys just trying to ride the scalper pricing train? I could have easily stopped into my local store and purchased an AMD card if they were priced better. I would have been okay with a $500-550 for a 6700XT, not the $1k they're going for. Instead I opted to pick up a RTX 3060 and it only cost me about $400 after taxes.


  • CindyH
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    I can't speak for AMD, but if you see prices for Nvidia cards higher than MSRP at M.C. you need to report that to the vendor of the cards.

  • DreadPirateRoberts

    I've always known MC to be very competitive with pricing. Specifically beating out competitors in CPU and GPU pricing. I'm sure that if they are listing these parts at a certain price, it is due to cost or pricing requirements from partners.

    It doesn't make sense in short or long run for them to list these GPUs so much higher unless they are required to do so.

  • GoatForHire
    GoatForHire ✭✭
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    I highly doubt Micro Center sets the price just so they can have the cards sit on the shelf to look pretty

    One quick Google search for 6700 XT brings me to a Best Buy or other retailer page with these cards listed at the exact same price, or more, or maybe $10 less dependent on model and brand.

    I don't think Mr. Microcenter woke up one day to wave a magic wand and make the price higher, lol

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