Asus prime z590-a

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Asus Z590-A, i5 11600k, 2x16 gb corsair vengeance sl rgb 3600, rtx 3060 tuf gaming 12gb, WD Black n850 1TB 2m drive, corsair AIO cooler all new parts and new engagement 850w power supply. System beeps once and green boot light stays on, can't get to bios no video signal.
Tried stripping system down to cpu and ram only and use OB graphics, still same issue can't get to bios because no video signal. What could be causing this issue, replaced motherboard with another new board.


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    Greetings @McBragg

    Based on the description, this sounds like a POST with a video output issue. Debug LED on boot means the CPU/RAM/VGA initialized. You don't have a bootable device connected, the system should be in the BIOS. So we'll need to see what's going on here.

    1. Test another monitor. If you're using a TV, this could be an issue at the BIOS level. Check the video cable as well.
    2. You've got an 11600K. Remove your 3060 and test with the IGP connected.
    3. If the IGP works. reinstall the video card, but leave the monitor connected to the IGP. Boot the system. If you get video, it's not detecting your 3060.
    4. If no video with the IGP connected, move the monitor to the 3060. Reboot. See if you get video. If not, it's a video output issue. If you were able to get video with the IGP, you've ruled out the monitor and cable. This would mean the card is the culprit. It's being detected, but it's not functioning properly.
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