Help with my first PC


I have been refining a list of parts I want for my first PC for a while now, and I am posting it here to see if there are any suggestions anyone would like to make. My budget is $1000 - $1400, but I would like to stay somewhere in the middle of that. I would like to play more shooter/FPS games than my computer can now, and I would like to have solid frames at possibly medium settings. I couldn't find all of the parts I had already picked out on the microcenter PC builder, so here is my pcpartpicker list: I already have a monitor and some hard drives I would like to use, so they are not on the list.

All suggestions are welcome!


  • Ian
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    Greetings, Looking over the list that looks very solid for your budget. Keep in mind you may need to look into adding a copy of Windows to your parts list but besides that it looks great!

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