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I am in the process of building my first PC. I will be using it for a mixture of running engineering software on it for school (like Solidworks and stuff), as well as using it to code extensively. I want to make it able to run games on it smoothly; mainly, I think I will be playing FPS, MMO, and some RPGs (Call of Duty, Hunt Showdown, Cyberpunk, Battlefield, etc.).

I have been looking into everything for a week or two, but it is still fairly overwhelming from the sheer number of options that seem like they would work. My budget is around $1200, but this can be slightly flexible if need be. One thing I am considering is that my friend offered to sell me a GPU (Radeon RX570 Powercolor Red Devil for $200), a PSU (EVGA 550 G3 for $50), and a motherboard (ASUS B250 Mining expert for $250).

I have several questions. Are the aforementioned parts worth buying or would it be easier to just buy from a retailer? AMD or Intel for processor? Which GPU is the best value? Would a prebuilt be a better option or would I be able to get better components if I build it myself?

Again, I'm not looking for something to run 4k at 100 fps, Im just looking for something to run smoothly at a good resolution with the opportunity to upgrade in the future.

Thanks in advance.


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