Moving My Pc Components from one case to another


Hi everyone, new to the community here. I recently got a pc from Origin. Overall very happy with the PC, however I am far less happy with Origin as a company. I won't go into details about the ordering process nightmare. Here is the current issue. My case is a 5000d, non airflow model. The tempered glass side panel exploded the first time i went to take it off. This was 2 months ago and I STILL don't have a new side panel because i have to go through Origin and not Corsair, even though Corsair owns Origin, blah blah blah. At this point I am willing to just buy a new case, I am very familiar with pc components specs, etc. But I have never dealt with the RGB controllers, RGB fans, before and I am not sure how confident I am rerunning it all myself.

TLDR: Will Microcenter move my pc components from my current case into a new one if i purchase the case at Microcenter, if so is there an additional fee to do this? Thanks for your time.


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