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I'm building a new PC. I expect to use it for light-medium video editing, some photoshop, light gaming, web design, and general home use. I'll also be looking to spin up a VM or two from it to run various tests and tinkering, but the VMs would be shut down when not in active use. Any concerns with this build I've setup? It will also be used to just VPN --> RDP to my work computer the few times I'll be working from home throughout the year.

This is my first time building a PC and I'd like to get something stable that'll last a while. This will also be the first higher end computer I'll have owned. Any advice on the parts I've selected? Looks to all be compatible and such. any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    I do have a couple suggestions for your build:

    1. The case you picked doesn't have a spot for an internal DVD/CD drive, if you'd want to use one with this case, you'd need to use a USB DVD drive.
    2. I'd recommend against using a 5900RPM drive if you're looking for a larger storage drive. I would highly recommend picking a 7200RPM drive. I'd also look into increasing your m.2 up to a 500GB drive or so as that'd be your Windows storage and you'd be surprised how quickly a drive that size can get filled, just thinking long-term there!

    Besides those suggestions I'd say this looks very solid!

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