Computer is shutting off under load, won't restart until PSU has been flipped on and off.


Hey all, this is a really weird issue I'm having.

About 3 days ago I was playing Apex and after some matches, my computer just shut off. It took about ten minutes for it to boot up, once it did I put it into Heaven Benchmark just to see if anything weird was going on and, sure enough, the computer shut off again -I was able to repeat this process with similar temps and duration several times after. At first, I thought it might be an overheating issue but my GPU never reached beyond 70c and my CPU never went beyond 80c. So, I took it in to a local shop for them to look at it, the next day they called me and said it was ready for pickup. The reason for the short turnaround? They couldn't repeat the issue. They ran the computer through Furmark for 50 minutes and also ran memtest and tested the CPU, none of this caused a shutdown. They also checked the PSU's voltages and found no issues.

I took the computer home and was able to play Apex, again for a few matches, before my computer shut off. Sure enough, once I got it booted up again and ran Furmark, the computer shut off within 3 minutes and below 70c. I ran tests with a whole host of different peripherals plugged in, removed, different combinations, down to only having a monitor plugged in during the test. Every time it shut off.

At this point, I was starting to feel a little hopeless and was planning on taking it into the guys again to see if they could dig a little deeper. However, before doing so I decided to run a test today, Furmark ran for 55 minutes with no issue. I let the computer sit for about 30 minutes after and ran the test again, this time it failed.

The only connection between the past couple of days I can think of is that every shutdown happens after 3 pm. The 55 minute Furmark test was from 2-2:55. If any of you guys have any ideas I'm open to suggestions.


  • Ian
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    Greetings. What parts do you have?

    If it was taken somewhere else for a test and didn't replicate the issues, can you try another power outlet / surge protector etc. and make sure it isn't an issue with that?

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