Microcenter could be a great store



  • Do1tyouselfer

    I worked at Microcenter. From Day 1 I noticed how obsessively sales people affixed their barcoded stickers onto packages, including small things like thumbdrives. It wasn't long before I realized why. You must wear ironed Khaki slacks and ironed light blue shirt and a tie. You had a ribbon of peel-off barcodes with your name on it (you better). As I recall, I earned a base salary of $4.95 an hour. The rationale behind this was that I would earn most of my money through my 1.5% commission. Paltry, yes, but if you sold the customer on the Platinum warranty you would earn 10% commission. A person buying a $200 point and shoot camera doesn't want to pay alot for an extended warranty. This took a lot of gentle cajolery which was seldom successful. Your only break was 30 minutes in a depressing breakroom. Coworkers and managers were great, and you enjoyed a modest employee discount. There was some hanky-panky, though. I worked afterhours in 'recovery' and was told do so off-the-clock.

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