Ho Do I Do this case?


Please, someone explain the stories below at MicroCenter (Paterson, New Jersey)


March  8,  2021 at MicroCenter (Paterson, New Jersey) 

Built own desktop (all set-up done by recommended store professional assistant at the store with Windows 10 Pro (OS), Assembly at the same store, $2,570.00


Monday, July 19, 2021  In the morning, the computer is not booting

We stop by the same location Microcenter for service repairing

Microcenter service number #SV2107190105@@1

On the record service # SV2107190105@@1,

Motherboard will not detect any drives.

if necessary Data backup: Yes.

Expected days to bench: 7 days

We explained everything  – This desktop was assembled in MicroCenter and it has only been 4 months since

After we confirmed calling the store, we told them we bought Windows 10 Pro (OS) for the desktop, and that if they need to install it again, we will stop by the store and drop the Windows 10 Pro (OS) card with serial number information.

     MicroCenter (Paterson, New Jersey) answered -  No, you do not need to stop by and drop the Windows 10 Pro (OS) card.

-----Looks like there are no problems except 1 simple question, why is a 4 month-used desktop down.---

However the problems started July 21,

Wednesday, July 21 - text message:

“Hello Kwangsun, this is Val at micro center. You're SSD is unreadable so I cannot do the $150 backup. I used an external test and it booted and passed diag. You would need a new SSD, install and windows install. Cost to do so with the same capacity drive is $400”

I replied, “Please, Send all inquiry or invoice to our email, support@XXXXXX.com”

Text message from MicroCenter: “ I am gone today, will reach out again tomorrow and check”

I replied,  “Call this number 240-426-XXXX, and explain all”


Until Saturday no one explained.

Saturday, July 24, text message:  “I see the SSD is under warranty, we can replace the product but would still need to charge labor to install the drive and windows as builds have a 90 warranty and it is over those 90 days. I will call as well and Labor to install and do windows is $200”

I replied,  “Please, call this number, 240-426-XXXX”

Text message: “ I did call and got voicemail, if you can call at  973-653-2187, option 3  when available”

However, we did not get any voice message, we even tried calling hundreds of times to that number. But we got automatically dropped.


On Sunday, we called that number but was automatically dropped again.

After giving up calling, We sent a text message: “we will stop by tomorrow, Please call me for confirming. And also we will pick up the old SSD for Manufacturer's inspection . Please do not throw away.”

Finally a text message came: “Tech is not in today, and she had tried to contact you twice last night but got your voice mail both times. We can exchange the SSD as its within the year and its our brand, but labor wise for us to do the repairs would be out of pocket, which is 200 before tax. Please confirm if you approve or decline repairs.”

I replied, “OK Approved, We confirm that the new SSD , Please, Call this number, 240-426-XXXX.”      

However, no one called me.

 On Monday,  July 26,

We tried hundreds of calling  but no one answered, sometimes automatically dropped.

We sent 5 texts, but no one replied

On Tuesday,  July 27. Finally

Finally, we stopped by the store at the service desk at around 11 AM.

My boss and I complained, but no one knew about this. My boss was disappointed with MicroCenter.

We could not even pick up any information about the desktop. 

The service center clerk said, come back to the office, and wait for some message from Microcenter.

One hours later (12:15pm), we received text messages from MicroCenter,

“Hello, your technician was off the last two days and comes in at 1pm. They will reach out later this afternoon”

We received another text message at 3.27pm,

“Hello the unit is complete and ready to pick up,”


On Wednesday,  July 28.  Around 11:20am

We stop by that store and we paid , $209.92 ( included  OS REIMAGE- $99.99,  and SSD UPGRADE - $99.99 : we lost all data on the SSD)

Also we asked: why did no one reply when we said we had a Windows 10 Pro OS .

But the clerk said, “I do not know. “

My boss told the clerk, “We need the old SSD”

The clerk said, “No, because of warranty , we cannot return the Origin (Old) SSD”

My boss did not want to take time with this, so we picked up that repaired Desktop and came back to the office.

However,  because of all data and Apps(Programs) lost, ( did not backup)   we tried to install Excel, Photoshop ,etc….   But we could not install it. The desktop froze again.  It restarted automatically or froze with a blue screen.

We stopped by again the same day twice and we opened a new service number, #SV2107280347@@1

Also, my boss met the technician(Valeria, Lead Technician) , and asked, why did you install Windows 10 Home (OS) when we told you we had Windows 10 Pro OS .

The technician (Valeria) replied with a very unkind voice to my boss, “ One machine one OS”

After her voice, my boss stopped asking. He just received a copied service `”Repair Order Check-In document, then came back to his office then told all his employees, “Do not buy from MicroCenter anymore, Order ‘Dell’ online now”. 

-----Until here, an only 4 month old desktop’s sad story. ---

How Do I DO ? is something strange ? it is OK that we lost all data from the SSD . But still something strange feeling ,,, why???

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