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Hello, I have a B550 steel legend micro atx motherboard. I have had it since February with no problems. Today I got up to find that my PC is not connecting to the internet. It usually takes a bit for the internet to actually come online when I boot up so I thought it was that. But after 5 mins I started to get worried. I got another ethernet cable thinking maybe the cable is messed up but, It still didn't not connect. I tried it with my sisters ethernet cable. I knew the ethernet cable worked because she was using it just before I asked her to use it. I connected it and still nothing. My worry right now is that I will need to replace the motherboard due to this issue. I don't know what else to do or if it can even be fixed. Please help.


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    Greetings. I would uninstall / reinstall your drivers if you have not in case it is just an issue with that, if all other computers on your network are connecting just fine:

    1. Right click on the start button, typically found at the lower left, and pick Device Manager.

    2. Expand the arrow next to "Network Adapters"

    3. In the list below Network Adapters, we will want to uninstall the driver that typically will say "Ethernet" in its name.

    4. Double click on the one that says this in its name.

    5. On the properties screen that opens, go to the driver tab and click on Uninstall at the bottom and leave the box unchecked.

    6. Once uninstalled, restart the system and Windows automatically reinstalls the driver on restart.

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