ideal UPS for PC setup?


I have been using an APC UPS (450VA) for over a year, but recently got a beefier PC (i7 10700+2060 super). I have the monitor (60hz 1080p), PC, and our house modem plugged into the UPS, and I am worried about what could happen if/when all these electronics draw too much power through the UPS, if at all possible. My PC's PSU is 500W (80+ gold I think, but I'm not positive because it is prebuilt). Should I be using a UPS with a higher VA rating like 1300? Mine are not the only electronics in the room; my dad has some drives and monitors plugged into a power strip, and I'd ideally give him this UPS for that because it's probably safer. However I do not want to overload the breaker with two UPS's in the same room either if that is a possible concern.


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